Immune system: key to healthy life

August 16, 2022
Immune system

Immune system helps us struggle viruses and harmful organisms. IS mechanisms are tuned to monitor the threat present in organisms and direct all efforts for its elimination. Immune system functions are implemented in a way as to track pathogenic structures or celulas of a malignant nature, recognizing them, identifying them and storing them for the future. If similar viruses or other microorganisms of a similar nature enter organism then, IS reveals it and eliminates it. If we did not have an immune system, even a simple minor scratch would be fatal for a person.

Any of the alien organisms – a virus, a parasite, dust particles, chemicals and other substances – are determined by IS as pathogenic, and are subject to neutralization and elimination. Part of this is innate immune cells immediately responding to any anxiety and constantly monitoring the internal state. Other part is acquired ones that develop adaptively under pathogens influence. Below we look at some interesting facts about our IS and how it acts in general.

Natural protection mechanism for our health

First hurdle against external factors is skin, mucous membranes, urinary tract and lungs. Sweat is a fluid performing an elimination function. On nasal walls surfaces there are microscopic vibrating hairs that push “unwanted” fractions out. If these actions made by immune system organs aren’t enough to prevent infections, white blood cells come; they can absorb microbes and other microscopic organisms. They send signals to other cell rearguards in order to get reinforcements.

Elimination of inflammatory processes

Inflammatory processes are accompanied by some signs we consider alarming, in particular, fever, pain and swelling. This is a completely normal reaction, which corresponds to the expansion of blood vessels to facilitate the movement of cells fighting the virus.

Leukocytes are activated first. Since they’re inherently part of IS, third-party pathogens have never affected them. Therefore, it is difficult for them to distinguish the “enemy”. A more accurate attack on the virus is carried out by acquired leukocytes. They produce antibodies that might identify a hostile pathogen and neutralize it.

Enough sleep

Sufficient sleep is necessary for our IS so it can recover from fighting against infectious structures. Additionally, while we sleep, our organism produces the necessary amount of hormones that are supporting elements for IS.

Lack of sleep causes poor appetite, the development of chronic insomnia, constant being in a state of fatigue and, as a result, an increased tendency to become infected. All it leads to IS weakening and a decrease in effectiveness of body’s protection mechanisms.

Physical activity & maintaining emotional stability

This is a vital criterion for the normal, healthy functioning of IS. Studies show we ourselves help our IS in fighting against inimical genes if we adhere to several rules, particularly, the following:

  • taking care of your body: a balanced diet, vitamins for the immune system in sufficient quantities, the proper amount of liquid;
  • limitation of stressful situations and factors that can provoke them;
  • regular physical activity, but only one that your organism can accept – excessive exhausting workouts only harm you;
  • third-party methods: supplements to boost the immune system, meditation, breathing practices, etc.

Constant immune support

IS always needs support. Especially in those seasons when natural phenomena occur that have a strong effect on our body: the flowering of grasses and other plants – an allergic reaction, a predisposition to influenza in winter, and the like. However, it should be remembered that viruses are active at any time of the year, therefore, you can catch a cold or encounter allergens at any time.

That is why doctors recommend preparing your body for contact with pathogens. Powerful tools in this matter are a healthy diet, seasonal vitamins, exercise – everything that we have already listed earlier, and what our natural help to our immunity is based on. In addition, include nutritional supplements in your diet – advanced formulations and a combination of familiar elements with additional active substances will strengthen and boost immune system in critical situations.

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