November 11 was marked by introduction of Eternity Life Forum

November 16, 2022
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It was first event of its kind to be viewed in metaverse: ability to walk the halls, interact with other attendees and expertise benefits of an offline event.

EL Forum has become for both speakers and visitors an absolute quintessence of experience, background and research in anti-aging and life prolongation field.

Visitors and speakers from different states and parts of the world: America, Europe, India, were united by the main theme – life extension. Forum touched on almost all points contributing to and affecting life expectancy. Most speakers have the opinion it is possible to reach immortality. The Forum was attended by experts from various fields of knowledge.

  • Michael Fossel, USA, MD, neuroscience
  • Michael Rose, USA, PhD, Biologist, Omics, Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Nathan Bryan, USA, Professor of pharmacology, biochemistry
  • Pavel Borsky, Czech Republic, Aging Scientist, MD
  • François-Xavier Pellet, Croatia, PhD (biology and chemistry of aging)
  • Denys Chernyshov, Ukraine, CEO and founder of Eternity Life Clinics
  • Marios Kyriazis, Cyprus, Biomedical Gerontologist
  • Anton Culaga, Romania, Bioinformatician, aging researcher
  • Olga Borisova, Ukraine, Biologist, geneticist, Master of Science
  • Elina Manzhaliy, Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor (Associate Professor) of Medicine
  • Siim Leng, Estonia, Biohacker, Bachelor of Anthropology
  • Hugo Alexander Ferreira, Portugal, MD, MScEng, PhD Longevity, Neurosciences, Oncology
  • Ilya Stambler, Israel, PhD, Chief Research Fellow Vetek (Seniority) – Movement for longevity and quality of life
  • Abhishek Chowdhary, India, Founder of AyeAI, Autonomous Machines, Quantum Neuromorphics, Brain Interface
  • Ksenia Tugay, Switzerland, Eternity Life Forum Moderator
  • Andrey Savitsky, Ukraine, UK, Master of Molecular Physiology
  • Marina Polyakova, Germany, PhD, psychiatrist and cognitive neuroscientist
  • José Pedro Castro, Portugal, Doctor of Biomedicine
  • Viktor Kholin, Ukraine, Assoc. Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Master of Health
  • Andrey Vilensky, Ukraine, PhD, Master of Medical Sciences, General Director of ISIDA-ECO LLC, acting Head of National Health Service of Ukraine in 2020-2021

A variety of biomarkers, circadian rhythms, the search for longevity molecules, an overview of aging processes and what technologies are available to reverse it – these and other topics were covered during the Forum.

Main surprise within the event framework was the project, the global goal of which is discovery of technologies helping get immortality – Eternity Life Clinics. Project was presented by the ideological inspirer and founder of the clinics of the future – Denys Chernyshov. He said that the project involves two formats – clinics and medical centers. The clinics plan to directly cure clients, with an emphasis on preventive medicine, using innovative technologies to identify pathologies at the earliest stages, as well as predisposition to certain diseases. At the same time, research centers will be busy looking for solutions to increase life, as well as find options for achieving immortality.

After Denys spoke about the approach to creating such project, about the directions in which the research will go and what the clinics will specialize in, he surprised event visitors even more by announcing the release of NFT collection.

It would seem that medical field and blockchain mechanisms are not the most related areas. However, this is only at first glance. Eternity Life Clinics focuses on technology, so it could not ignore such modern NFT technology. Sale of this collection will help new project to carry out immortality research and build clinics around the world, and NFT buyers will have the opportunity to use all the services of clinics, but most importantly, when immortality technology becomes available, owners of these unique NFTs get first rights to use this technology.

One of the forum speakers was Michael Rose, a professor at the University of California who has been studying aging since 1976.

The professor shared his thoughts on the forum that biological immortality is the key to reaching a radically increased human lifespan. Introducing immortality concept, a practical form of it with transformation for new and creative approaches to enhancing health.

Michael Rose: “I believe immortality is key to a radical increase in lifespan. I expect and hope to show today the concept of immortality and at least a practical form of immortality will transform new and creative approaches to extend human lifespan.”

The phrase of Andrey Vilensky, the former head of Healthcare of Ukraine, PgD in Medical Sciences and General Director of ISIDA-ECO LLC, said at Forum: “Reaching immortality is strongest and secret desire of every person”, only confirms the need for such an event as Eternity Life Forum, to enhance research on perpetuity, and creating a new approach to the medical system.

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Nov 11, 2022