Biohacking Concept: Its Nature, Perspectives and Main Goal

June 23, 2022

Regarding such a concept as “biohacking”, doctors express different opinions. In global medical community, more than one biohacking conference has already been held regarding this technique, but specialists’ opinions for most part have not changed. Some say that this is real revolution in medicine anti-aging industry. Others argue that this is rather dangerous trend and only modern hobby without real medical background. So can biohacking really harm the body, or should we not be so wary and skeptical?

What Is Biohacking?

Most persons are not familiar with this term, despite the fact the first mention of it appeared in 1988. This method began to develop actively about 20 years ago.

Generally, biohacking definition is following: systematic approach to correction of human nature and biology, the purpose of which is to focus on every aspect of human life. This is a wellness medical practice that aims to slow down aging process of body and improve life quality. This is done by optimizing sleep and nutrition, completely abandoning any bad habits and adding moderate physical activity to your daily schedule. In simple words, biohacking meaning is, so called, anti-aging therapy.

Principle of biohacking as a method of anti-aging medicine

It’s based on integrated approach affecting all life aspects. Main thing in this concept is to adjust lifestyle in general and draw up right physical activity program, based on specific data. Specialists receive information for the implementation of this practice through diagnostics: functional, laboratory and others. The approach includes two main steps.

  1. First is a consultation, general diagnostics and selection of an individual medical plan.
  2. Second – the doctor conducts a re-diagnosis and a secondary consultation; if necessary, the treatment program is adjusted.

First of all, nutrition is adjusted: the right diet is selected. This is followed by drawing up a program of physical activity and monitoring overall doing of certain exercises. Additionally, it is necessary to normalize sleep, activate thought processes and correct the emotional reaction when a person gets into a stressful situation.

Where to begin?

First thing a person who decides to follow this concept of anti-aging medicine should do is consult a doctor. Additionally, it is necessary to pass basic tests, which will help form an overall picture of health. Experts check how bad habits and malnutrition have “damaged” certain organs and systems.

If any pathological processes develop in the body or somatic diseases are present, special emphasis should be placed on their correction. With  hormonal background imbalance, it is necessary to pass a separate analysis in order to understand how this problem can be solved. Most important thing is emotional balancing – correcting the way the nervous system responds to stressful situations.

Biohacking reviews and prospects: is it possible to prolong youth and life by following this method?

Experts agree this is real, however, only when drawing up and applying a comprehensive rational program. The main thing to remember is moderation in everything – you should adjust your life without fanaticism, without resorting to drugs and surgical means in pursuit of youth. Untested meds injections are dangerous. Experts are negative about such biohacking implants and risky experiments with gene infusions. Thus, infection can be introduced into organism.

Example of fanatical embodiment of this methodology is the Grinder biohacking. Adherents of this concept are actively engaged in augmentation, that is, “modernization” and improvement of the human body through the implantation of cybernetic and various kinds of mechanical devices into it. “Grinderites” make themselves into some kind of Cybermen. So it is really possible to improve overall limbs and other organs functionality, however, human nature is completely lost.

Psychologists, in turn, consider bio-hacking also transforms person’s thinking. Biohacking your brain means the idea of ​​improving yourself and achieving mega results can become obsessive. Attempt to establish total monitoring over processes occurring in the organism can lead to serious physical and psychological problems.

Doctors do not have full confidence that biohacking can prolong life. Investigations results became evidence the biological age of people engaged in this practice is indeed decreasing. Nevertheless, basic goal of biohacking your body is still reducing risk of forming serious pathological modifications in organism and a holistic recovery.

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