Portal Mind.ua has become an information partner of the Eternity Life Forum

September 7, 2022
Portal Mind.ua has become an information partner of the Eternity Life Forum

The date of one of the most extraordinary events in the medical industry is getting closer, therefore, it is time to introduce you to those who became our partners and supported our ideas. We present you the portal Mind.ua.

This is an independent journalistic business project. First of all, Mind.ua is:

  • high-quality material that is useful and interesting to readers seeking to analyze information, search for truth and study details;
  • independent content that cannot be censored or banned;
  • information collected from various sources, subjected to professional unbiased analysis;
  • transparency, honesty and competence, which together are aimed at the comprehensive development of business journalism in Ukraine.

As an event that has no equal in its scale and specifics, Eternity Life Forum brings together the knowledge and experience of medical professionals, lawyers, programmers and experts in other areas. Mind.ua strives for the same – to integrate knowledge from different areas, to their interaction in order to find comprehensive and most progressive solutions.

Mind.ua offers readers:

  • only verified information analyzed by experts;
  • lack of censorship;
  • transparency and honesty in the presentation of information;
  • high competence of each specialist working with the portal.

Mind.ua is a project that does not have the funds of rich and influential investors at its disposal. This is an independent portal that needs only the support of the readers themselves, who on its pages can find not just information presented in a dry form, but deep analytics, a subscription to unique expert materials and a competent opinion.

We are waiting for you at the Eternity Life Forum and Mind.ua!

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